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0480 very soft bi-level 10" brush for fine finishes

Part Number: 0128-1281
Price: $23.98
Status: Available
Weight: 1 lb, 10 oz
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Flow-Through, Non-Restrictive Cleaning Brushes

Extra soft bi-level brush for fine finishes - 10".

Very soft fibers for clear or gel coat finishes on autos, trucks, vans and other fine finishes.

  • Compare our brushes to others: lighter block weights mean less user stress, more filaments so they last longer and patented hang tabs for convenience.

  • Chemical resistant plastic block with rubber bumper to prevent scratching and scuffing

  • Standard threads fit all Mr.LongArm extension poles

  • Choose regular or bi-level brushes with dual cleaning surfaces for hard-to-reach areas.

When selecting a brush, keep the following in mind:

Green - very soft for delicate finishes

Blue - soft, general purpose

Yellow - stiff

We scoured the trade shows for the best brushes and poles.  Mr. LongArm is the brand that delivers with great quality at the right price.  Buy with confidence!  Your boat, car, camper, RV, bus, semi truck and other big vehicle will thank you!  Also perfect for painters and window cleaners.