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30" double disk anchor

1271 30-inch double disk anchor for mobile homes and campers

Part Number: 1271
Price: $20.88
Status: Available
Weight: 8 lb, 0 oz
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30" anchor with double disk twists into the ground by hand or with a machine.  To twist into the ground  by hand, first dig down a foot with a spade then using a crow bar, turn down the rest of the way.  Head should set right on the ground. 

Use anchor in conjuction with slotted bolts (part # 2010) and straps (part # 2694 and 2680)  which are sold separately.   The head of each anchor accepts 2 bolts for two straps. Generally one strap leads to the frame, the other over the home or camper.  Manufacturer # 4430 DH. Rod is 3/4" diameter. Disks are 4" in diameter.

Other lengths and styles of anchors available. Call us at 605-229-2627.