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20KW heating element repair kit for Coleman 3400 series

Part Number: 3400heat4
Price: $189.75
Status: Available
Weight: 1 lb, 12 oz
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Heating element restring kit for 18.5 - 20.8KW Coleman electric furnaces.  Since heating elements are no longer available for the Coleman 3400 & 3400A series electric furnaces, our repair kits will put your element back in working order.  This kit contains four 7/16" 5KW coils with bolt ends and four 3400-3151 limit switches.  

Use this kit on the following heating elements:

3400-337 & 3400-3371 found on the 3400-720 and 3400-820 furnace.

3400-338 & 3400-3381 found on the 3400-823 furnace.

3300-420, 3300-4201 & 3300A4201 found on the 3400A820 furnace.

3300-423, 3300-4231 & 3300A4231 found on the 3400A823 furnace.

Note - IMPORTANT:  Before ordering, double-check the ends of the coils on your heating element.  If your ends are bolt, this kit is perfect.  If your ends are male spade terminals, then we need to substitute coils with spade ends.  Please note that on your order or call us.  

Installation instructions can be found at this link: