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5428 waterline blow-out adapter for homes, campers, mobile homes & hoses

Part Number: 5428
Price: $21.79
Status: Available
Weight: 0 lb, 8 oz
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Universal water blowout adapter is perfect for blowing out waterlines in homes, mobile homes, campers, RV's & boats.  Also a nifty way of blowing out garden hoses before storing for the winter.  Connects to either end of the hose.  No need to unwind hose.  No tools required.  All brass construction for years of rugged use. 


1. Screw adapter onto a male or female hose thread.  

2. Set your air compressor to no more than 40psi.  

3. Click end of air hose onto the adapter.  

4.  Let blow until no more water comes out of the other end or faucets.  In homes and campers, open and close faucets one at a time.  More info at link below. 

Simply connects to your outdoor faucet, exterior water connection or washing-machine valve to blow-out your waterlines using an air compressor.  Allows one person to blow-out waterlines without the need for a helper. Instructions included.  Connects to male or female hose threads. 

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