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6261840R conversion fan switch

6261840R conversion fan switch

6261840R conversion fan switch

6261840R conversion fan switch

Nordyne original 6261840 fan switch that is no longer available.

Nordyne F110-20F White Rodgers fan switch 3F01-110, 6261840R conversion fan switch

Part Number: 6261840R
Price: $22.71
Status: Available
Weight: 0 lb, 4 oz
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The 6261840 fan switch is most often found in the Mac 1199 series furnaces. The switch is no longer available. If your switch is not working properly, you will need to replace it with this fan switch.  A simple replacement. F110-20F White Rodgers fan switch 3F01-110

The original switch has 4 wires, but you only need to use two of the wires with this new fan switch which will turn on when the air coming out of your furnace hits 110 degrees.  Use the two wires with the bigger ends (typically a black and a white wire).  Cap or tape-off the two wires with the smaller end (typically orange wires).  Take wire nut cap and simply screw onto the ends of the wires after clipping off the female ends.  


Here is why you no longer need to use the two wires with the small ends.   When this fan switch was made back in the day, it was unable to read and adjust to the air temperature and close the contacts in a timely manner to activate the blower motor.  So a preheater was built into the switch to give the contacts a head-start in heating up.  The contacts inside the new fan switch will react much quicker so a preheater is no longer needed (hence, the wires with the small ends are no longer needed).  

 Replaces 29T1232554, 626184, 626455, 6264550 & 902994.