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8508 water flow extension brush pole 4.5' to 8' long with shut-off

Part Number: 0128-1206
Price: $43.01
Status: Available
Weight: 3 lb, 8 oz
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Hydrasoar® — Water-Fed Poles

Water flow handle extends from 4.5' to 8'.  Standard pole thread fits all our brushes as well as most any other brush and head found on the market that allow water to flow through it.

Approx. Size: 4.5' - 8'

  • Nylar standard threaded end accepts most flow through, non-restrictive brushes

  • Foam insulated handle

  • Heavy-duty external quick locking device

  • Connects to standard garden hose

  • Industrial grade water flow control shut-off valve

We scoured the trade shows for the best brushes and poles.  Mr. LongArm is the brand that delivers with great quality at the right price.  Buy with confidence!  Your camper, RV, bus, semi truck and other big vehicle will thank you!