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902084 Coleman insulation kit

902084 Coleman insulation kit

Coleman insulation hangers

NLA - No Longer Available, Insulation kit 902084 for Coleman electric downflow furnaces

Part Number: 902084
Price: $0.00
Status: Available
Weight: 5 lb, 10 oz
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NLA = No Longer Available. Insulation kit for use on the Evcon Coleman 3400, 3500 and EB series electric furnaces which are not already equipped with insulation inside the casing, or which the customer would prefer new insulation.  The insulation package helps deaden the sound of the blower assembly.  Kit contains 3 insulation hangers, one section of 30" high insulation folded to fit the casing sides and back, and one section of insulation 19" x 49.75" to fit the door.  

To add an a-coil shelf, order part number 902828 or 3500-8941B. 

Installation instructions for insulation:

1. Remove the blower assembly from furnace.

2. Remove the paper backing from each of the insulation hangers.  Apply one adhesive backed hanger to each interior side of the cabinet near the center.  

3. Bend the insulation into a "U" shape with the black mat face visible and slide into the furnace cabinet.  Be sure the insulation is down to the bottom and is flat against the sides and back.  Place a washer over each hanger and press against the insulation securing it in place.  Cut off the excess hanger that protrudes through the washer. 

4. Secure the furnace door insulation to the inside of the furnace door with spray adhesive (not included, order part # 5021) with the black mat face visible.  Make sure the hole in the insulation is towards the top of door.  Tuck insulation of flanges inside door.

5. Install coil shelf. Slide blower assembly back in.