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902987 2 wire & 4-7 wire a/c relay box

902987 4-7 wire a/c relay box

Part Number: 902987
Price: $119.88
Status: Available
Weight: 2 lb, 2 oz
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4-7 wire control box package used when adding a/c or a heat pump to a Nordyne E1EH, E2EH, E1EB, E2EB & E2BH electric furnaces that are not already a/c equipped. Also found on many M1 furnaces. For a replacement circuit board, order part number 624625.

This will replace the obsolete 2-wire control box 902986 including control board 624567. When replacing a 2-wire system, you will need to order a 903992 4-5 wire thermostat. If you only have 2 thermostat wires running from the furnace to the thermostat, you will need to update that with a 4-7 wire cable.

Box contains a circuit board and a variety of adapter harnesses. Includes mounting brackets. Box measures approximately 6.5" x 4" x 1.5".

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Replaces 624567, 703110, 902798, 902986 & possibly others.