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BVD0449-A01 Ventline Plastic Vent Lid

Part Number: 0510-1022
Price: $33.65

Suggested Price: $36.52
You Save: $2.87

Status: Available
Weight: 2 lb, 8 oz
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White vent cover is a replacement for current Ventline lids.  UV stabilized.  14" x 14".  Comes pre-assembled for quick installation. Ridged center post for added support & durability. Rust resistant galvanized mounting hardware. Allows a medium amount of light through.  

This lid has no warranty.

The trick to choosing an RV vent lid is to match up the hinge.  5 styles of hinges are available. 

To install, first go inside the RV and remove the screws from the base of the crank.  Then complete the removal process from up top on the roof.   Distributed by Ventline.

To ensure a weather-tight fit, replace the seal (part # BVD0455-01).