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Camco 25071 Universal Roof Air Gas

Camco 25071 Universal Roof Air Gasket 14x14

Part Number: 0715-1053
Price: $27.59
Status: Available
Weight: 2 lb, 0 oz
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Universal gasket for mounting A/C's on the roofs of campers and RV's. Simply peel and stick to the underside of the air conditioner. Set air conditioner in place and snug 4 bolts (typically) to compress the gasket. Do not over tighten. Do not caulk add any caulk around the a/c.

Most new air conditioners already come with a gasket. Purchase this gasket when replacing a leaky or worn gasket or when the a/c needs to be removed for work. Never re-use an old gasket.

Fits all air conditioners that use a 14 x 14 roof opening. Extra gasket strips are included to add to the far end of the a/c for leveling.