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Camco 42160 Universal Fridge Vent Cover

Part Number: 0507-1050
Price: $28.36
Status: Available
Weight: 4 lb, 5 oz
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Our best seller! Universal refrigerator vent cover replaces many various covers.  Measures 10" x 33".  This will replace Camco, Dometic and newer (and some older) Norcold refrigerator vent bases.  The best way to know if it replaces your vent cover is to measure the distances between the mounting screws.  If the mounting screws on each end are 4" , 4-5/16" or 5-5/16" apart, then this cover may work (see photos).

1.  If replacing a Dometic cover, select the four dimples marked "D" found on top of the cover.  If replacing a Norcold cover, select the four dimples marked "N".  To fit the cover on a Camco base, select either set of holes.  Drill a 3/16" hole in each of the four dimples or drive the #10 x 2-3/4" screws (included) directly through the thin dimples.  

2.  If you have a Norcold vent base or the hole centers are 4 to 4-1/4" apart across the narrow ends of the Dometic vent base, discard the two brackets and skip to step 4. 

3.  If the hole centers are 5-5/16" apart across the narrow ends of your existing Dometic vent base, attach the brackets provided using the 4 - #8 x 3/4" Phillips screws (included).  Using the inner holes in the bracket as a guide, drill 1/8" pilot holes through the base.  

4.  Position the cover on the base, making sure the screws in the cover line-up with the correct holes in the base, and that the streamlined nose (narrow end of cover) faces the front of the unit.  Start all screws, check for correct locataion, then tighten the four screws.  Check that the cover is seated properly on the base.  DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.  

5.  For complete weather protection apply a beat of silicone caulk (not included) over top of the screws.

Suggestion: If you find you are replacing an older Norcold cover and the mounting holes on the base do not line-up with those on this vent cover, it may be possible to drill two 1/8" pilot holes into the old Norcold base in order to fit the new cover.   

Note: if you need this item shipped overnight, please call as most likely the shopping cart will not figure the correct shipping cost due to it's large size. 

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