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322P708 Coleman A/C motor for camper air conditioners

322P708 Coleman A/C motor for camper air conditioners

Replacement 6757B311 A/C motor

Obsolete 6759-311 motor with fan blade and wheel

Coleman 322P708 A/C motor with bracket for RV air conditioners

Part Number: 322P708
Price: $224.25
Status: Available
Weight: 11 lb, 0 oz
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Coleman RV air conditioning motor. 5" diameter,  2-speed, 1625 RPM, 3.1A, 1/4hp, 115V, 7.5/370V run cap, 42Y frame size.  

For wiring, red is low, black is high, white is common/run cap,  and brown is run cap.

Shaft sizes are both 1/2" x 5-3/8".  Rotation is CW lead end.    

Replaces 6757B311 and  6759-311.  

Please note that the obsolete 6759-311 is a bigger 5-1/2" diameter motor, but this replacement will mount in it's exact position on the motor stand due to the added foot brackets.   But to mount to the motor stand, the holes in the foot brackets may need to be drilled bigger and shorter bolts with lock nuts used.

Foot bracket included but not the motor stand.