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Tailgater and receiver combo

Tailgater and receiver combo

VQ4500 King Tailgater portable satellite

VIP211Z receiver

VQ4500 King Tailgater mobile satellite

Dish Tailgater Satellite Antenna with Receiver

Part Number: TailgaterPromo
Price: $527.85
Status: Available
Weight: 53 lb, 0 oz
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Watch satellite TV in your camper, RV, shop, cabin, fish shack or wherever with our portable DISH satellite and receiver.  Set-up is easy.  First activate the DISH receiver by calling DISH and adding it to your existing account for $7/month.  Set the Tailgater satellite in an open area with the handle facing north and run the coax cable to your receiver.  Connect the tv to your receiver and turn everything on.    The Tailgater dish will automatically find and point to the satellites and bring in your favorite tv shows.  

Included with your order is the new style of VQ4500 King Tailgater which is black in color, 50 feet of coax cable, VIP211Z receiver and remote.  The new style of Tailgater has the ability to connect to two tv's but you will need two receivers.  For an extra receiver, order part number 0112-9828.

Enjoy DISH satellite on your terms.  No start and stop fees.  Simply $7 a month (plus taxes) for the months you need to use it.  TV like home wherever you roam.