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Dometic Brisk II RV air conditioner 15000 BTU

Dometic Brisk II RV air conditioner 15000 BTU

Dometic Brisk II A/C 15,000 BTU's with ceiling control box

Part Number: Brisk2A-PW15
Price: $1,030.11
Status: Available
Weight: 100 lb, 0 oz
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15,000 BTU Dometic Brisk Air II air conditioner for your RV.  Price includes a free non-ducted air distribution/control box and free shipping to the lower 48 States and CANADA (yep, we said Canada too).  All delivered to your doorstep in 2-4 days.  For free shipping, you must enter the code 'free-ship' at checkout.

The Dometic Brisk Air II is non-ducted and mounts to the top of your camper, RV or trailer.  While running it blows cold air down through an air distribution box that also doubles as a control box.  Controls to operate this unit are in this box on the ceiling.  If you want a unit which is controlled by a wall thermostat, then order kit # BRISK2B-PW15.  Ducted units, 13,500 BTU units and units with heat pumps are also available. 

Dometic 13,500 Brisk Air II: 

Dometic 13,500 Brisk Air II Sku #: 

Dometic Air Distribution Box with Ceiling Controls: 3314851.000A.

Dometic Air Distributon Box with Ceiling Controls Sku: 9108812045.

Color: Polar White.

Warranty: 2 years parts and labor.

Free Shipping: Enter code '
Free-Ship' at checkout.  Overnight shipping not available.

  • Easy installation and maintenance

  • High-perfomance motor and fan

  • EPP foam housing reduces weight and increases cooling performance

  • Tighter tolerances for improved fit and finish between shroud and evaporator cover

  • Press fit evaporator cover eliminates fasteners for improved service access

  • Custom composite Korad shroud is laminated to provide UV protection

  • 3-inch deep-drawn G 90 carbon steel drain pan with powder-coated finish for durability

  • Larger air openings for improved air flow and cooling performance

  • Roll formed edges

  • Enclosed wrap-around base pan and shroud add strength and protect the coils

  • Rounded edges increase air flow

  • Fan motor sound dampening brackets reduce noise and vibration

Don't see the A/C you are looking for?  Call us.  We have great pricing and free shipping on all Dometic units and accessories. 

For warranty service we will direct you to a Dometic service technician in your area.  Warranty service covers both parts and labor!!