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Extra strong spray adhesive

Extra strong spray adhesive

Underbelly spray adhesive

Extra strong underbelly spray adhesive

Part Number: 5021
Price: $20.70
Status: Available
Weight: 1 lb, 12 oz
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Elmer's extra strong spray adhesive is perfect for repairing underbelly material of mobile homes, campers and RV's.  A great less-expensive and possibly better alternative to the original Sta-Put spray that the industry tends to use. 

Extra strong adhesive is water based and provides a temporary or permanent bond on many materials including polyethylene used as belly material for mobile homes.  

For a temporary bond, spray and let dry for 3-5 minutes and join materials together.  For a permanent bond, spray and join materials within 15 seconds.  Read can for more information.  Each can contains 13.5oz of adhesive.  

Can be used on the following materials: photos, fabric, polyethylene, paper, foil, cork. leather, wood, film, felt, foam, canvas, glass, cardboard, plastic, rubber & metal.  Do not use on automotive headers or heavy unsuported materials.  Will not swell or warp.  Resists bleed-through.  Dries clear and won't yellow.  Acid free.