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King Jack OA8000 Digital HDTV Antenna Head

King Jack OA8000 Digital HDTV Antenna Head

Part Number: 0112-9852
Price: $69.06
Status: Available
Weight: 3 lb, 12 oz
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Replace your old Sensar® antenna head with the JACK™ replacement head for better digital TV reception. 


Includes custom bracket for simple retrofit to your existing antenna mast using the existing mounting pins.  Broader reception range helps to receive signals found in the “dead spot” or 35° of rotation not reached by the existing mount. The amplified antenna can be powered by your existing antenna power supply or used with the included power injector.  A universal mounting bracket is also included for installation on a pole or railing for residential use. Pole or arms NOT included.


At just 2.25”H x 16”W x 12.5”D, the JACK replacement head is 70% smaller with improved wind resistance and weighs 25% less than the existing antenna head.


For a complete King Jack antenna with signal finder, see part numbers 0112-9858 or 0112-9861.

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