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Large vibration 3x3 washing machine pads 4-pack

Part Number: R56-217
Price: $24.38
Status: Available
Weight: 1 lb, 8 oz
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Does your whole house shake when your washing machine is in the spin cycle? Does your machine walk? Minimize walking and shaking with a set of mini Super W 3"x3"x3/4" absorption pads. Also helps prevent floor damage. Perfect for front loaders and commercial machines. Simply put one under each leg of your washing machine. Add a set for your dryer to keep the height the same. Durable. Lifetime warranty. Sold as a set of 4.

INSTALLATION TIPS: Step 1 - Install the pads underneath the front feet first. Lift the front by using a bar and a block of wood. Lift one side, then the other. Or if you have room to maneuver, tip the washer on its back legs.

Step 2 - Find a helper. One person should grab the back of the washer and tip it slightly forward on its front legs. The second person should slide the pad underneath to the back feet using a yard stick or something similar. Once both pads are in position underneath the back feet, set the washer back down and check for level. If off level, tip washer forward and set back down. On most machines, the back legs are self-adjusting. Please keep in mind that these absorption pads will not prevent your washing machine from shaking. The purpose of the pads is to minimize walking and minimize the vibration going into the floor.