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Marshall MEGR-9984P RV 2-tank propane regulator with auto change-over

Part Number: 0603-0985
Price: $56.10
Status: Available
Weight: 2 lb, 5 oz
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Marshall Excelsior MEC MEGR-9984 LP high-pressure 2-stage gas regulator is approved for use on campers and RV's.  If you have 2 tanks on your camper or RV, this is the regulator you need.  This style is new, so it may look different than your old regulator.  

Gas hose from the camper connects to 3/8" female threaded on bottom of regulator.  Gas hoses from the tanks connect to two 1/4" inverted flared adapters on either side of regulator.  Do not use this regulator if you only have one tank.  

When one propane tank becomes empty, the regulator will automatically change over to the full tank.  

  • Powder Coated

  • Zinc die cast

  • Molded Rubber Diaphragms

  • UL Listed

  • BTU capacity cylinder 380,000 BTU/HR

This is a 2-staged regulator. On stage one the regulator reduces pressure from the propane tank to 10-15 PSIG, and then reducing it even further to 11 inches of water column during the second stage.  Most LP appliances require 11 inches of water column to function correctly.  

The screened vent on the regulator needs to be positioned so it's face down or under cover to avoid being contaminated with moisture.  This unit is pictured with the vent facing down.  

If your tank hoses have a 1/4" male end and not a 1/4" flared ends, then remove the adapters on the regulator.   

If you want the best and safest gas connections, Marshall Excelsior is the brand you want. Lifetime warranty!! Warranty exchanges are instantly done by us. No dealing with the manufacturer.