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8" quarts infrared heat bulb for EdenPURE

One 8" heat bulb for EdenPURE SunTwin infrared heaters

Part Number: MK-2634
Price: $33.35
Status: Available
Weight: 0 lb, 8 oz
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One original infrared quartz elements (ie heat bulbs) for EdenPURE third generation heaters or older (see list of compatible units below).  Bulbs measure 7.5" not including the insulators on the ends.  With insulators, the length is 9.00".  Wire leads are 7" long. 

This is an original EdenPURE bulb A3821RP with a Lifetime warranty.  Bulb is labeled MK2634.  

These bulbs will not fit the newer Generation 4 (GEN 4) and EP USA 1000 or the smaller 1000 watt EdenPURE heaters.  

The MK 2633 shorter 6" bulb also found inside the heaters is available separately.  Most heaters contain five of the shorter bulbs and they are more likely to go out than this 8" bulb. 

To install, remove screws from the bottom and slide the insides out.  In some older units the side panels will need to be removed. 

This bulb is used in the following infrared units:

EdenPURE 1000

EdenPURE 1000 XL

EdenPURE GEN 3 1000

SunTwin 1500

SunTwin 1500 LED

SunTwin 1500 Elite

SunTwin Gen 3 1500

Other compatible products by model number:


1000 XL




STW 1500

STC 1500


1500 ELITE


MK 2634

This 5-minute video will show you how to access and replace the 6 heat bulbs in your EdenPURE portable heater.