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Bone dometic RV toilet with china bowl

Dometic 310 RV toilet with china bowl - bone

Part Number: 1223-0128
Price: $228.33
Weight: 67 lb, 0 oz
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A toilet for your camper or RV that's almost like the toilet in your home. China bowl with similar flush and standard lid.

Full-size, light weight, simplified design – perfect for today's RV. To meet the demands of today's evolving RV technology, Dometic introduces a lightweight yet powerful toilet that surpasses both RV builder and owner expectations. The Dometic standard model 310 toilet features easier operation, more comfortable features, and more reliable performance than many other gravity discharge toilets. Flushing with as little as 1 pint/0.4 liter of water, the 310 delivers a pressure enhanced "PowerFlush" rim wash that clears the bowl virtually in an instant! With a new one-direction pedal, the user presses down slightly to add water to the bowl (if needed), then presses down completely to flush. The smooth continuous lines of Dometic's new uni-style ceramic bowl/plastic base design delivers enhanced visual appeal, and makes routine cleaning much easier. And for RV winterizing, 310 toilet components prone to freezing (water valve, vacuum breaker) can be easily removed for warm storage.

Comes completely assembled out-of-the box with seat. Includes ring and bolts for attaching to toilet flange.

True, 100% bowl coverage.

Tasteful and elegant Euro design.

Innovative industry-leading drop away ball and valve with new seal-tight system.

Powerflush, swirl-jet bowl rinse action ensures a cleaner rinse.

Comfortable 18-inch ergonomic seat height.

Also available in white.