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Fresh Cab mouse and rodent repellent

Fresh Cab mouse and rodent repellent

Use 4 bags to keep your camper or RV mouse and rodent free when stored.

Fresh Cab 020-126 mouse and rodent repellent

Part Number: 0121-2009
Price: $29.60
Weight: 1 lb, 8 oz
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Nothing repells mice and rodents better and safer than this AP Products® Fresh Cab Rodent Repellant. Manufactured by Earth-Kind Inc.

A mouse or rat problem in your RV, vehicle or storage area is not only annoying, it can also be hazardous.

If mice or rats have infested your “getaway’, then your vehicle is prone to the expensive damage resulting from them chewing through wiring and nesting in the vital components. Even worse, you and your family could be prone to offensive odors, potential messes and even disease.

Fresh Cab botanical rodent repellent is a 100% natural blend of corn cob chips, plants and herbal extracts that freshens and protects. Our all-natural repellent has the ability to repel mice & rats in leisure vehicles and hunting equipment and has been:

-Proven by several independent studies

-Registered by the federal EPA

-Awarded the USDA Green Seal of Approval


Fresh Cab Pouches are made with a natural blend of plant fiber and botanical extracts that rodents find offensive, but people find pleasant. Simply place pouches in your recreation vehicles and property, depending on size and components, to immediately start controlling your mouse problem.

One, whiff of this specially formulated blend is enough to send rodents packing and rid your equipment of mice & rats.


Perfect for use in tractors, trucks, basements, attics, cabins, pantries, farm equipment, garages, sheds, barns, storage units, under hot tubs, campers, boats, RV's and most any enclosed area.


As long as you smell the pleasant odor, the product is working. The box says effective up to 30 days, which is false as in most cases it's effective for several months. The box also says "place four scent pouches . . . per season . . ." Both customer and AP Products feedback confirm its effectiveness for several months or season. So hopefully soon the manufacturer will correct the info on the box.