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325-41021-000 nitride replacement

325-41021-000 nitride replacement

IG1402N Packard nitride igniter

325-41021-000 Coleman ignitor

Packard 1G1402N nitride ignitor

Part Number: IG1402N
Price: $34.21
Status: Available
Weight: 0 lb, 10 oz
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Packard nitride igniter is a durable long-lasting option to the typical silicone carbide ignitor.  This is a drop-in replacement for the following Coleman ignitors: 1474-052, 1474-0521, 1474-052P, S1-02541021000, 025-41021-000, 325-41021-000 & S1-32541021000.  Ignitor has 19" lead wires with female 1/4" connectors.  

This ignitor will also replace the Norton 201N, Armstrong 38322B001, Clare C-238 & C-242, DMO 20834 & 26789, Dornback 271W, Rheem 62-22441-01, Robertshaw 41-402, Trane 340039P01, IGN23 and Williamson 9050.  The 1/4" female ends may need to be cut off and wire stripped to fit some of these applications.