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Packard PR370 SPDT relay

Packard PR370 SPDT relay

Packard PR370 SPDT relay

Packard PR370 SPDT relay with 5 terminals

Part Number: PR370
Price: $13.74
Status: Available

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Packard fan relay type 184. Terminals 4 & 5 are normally closed. When 24V terminals 1 and 3 are activated, it opens terminals 4 & 5 and closes terminals 2 & 5.

This durable but inexpensive relay is perfect for replacing expensive OEM (original equipment) relays. All our parts have a 1-year exchange warranty with us (no dealing with the manufacturer), so buy with confidence. We generally ship replacement parts the day you contact us.

14FLA 84LRA 125VAC


25A 250VAC

Replaces Arm 6563B1; Coleman 1420-680, 1420-6801, 6313-2281, 7230-328, 7230-3281, 7975-377, 7975-3771, 024-24984-000, 024-22588-000, 134-20103-301D, 7975-377, 84-20103301; ICP 1420-680, 1420680, 421942301, 1690-038, 1690038; Mars 90370; Goodman B1141702; Nordyne 621097, 621869R, 102063963002, 9400-04Q1100, 9400-14Q152; Packard PR370; Rheem 42-19423-01, 42-25104-06; Trane RLY00488, RLY-488, RLY00833, RLY-833; Ward 81380686; White Rodgers RBM 90-370, 184-20103-301, 184-20103-301L, 184-916 & many others including L37-098.

Technician Note: This is a generic relay that closely matches the amps and voltages of the originals listed above.  In some case this will be a more heavy-duty relay than the original, and in some cases it may be slightly less-duty but will still work.