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U-305 universal blower motor for Duotherm and others

Part Number: S58-897
Price: $270.05
Status: Available
Weight: 5 lb, 2 oz
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2-speed blower motor. 115V, 1050RPM,  CCW rotation when viewed from back end. Oil every 3 months. Motor measures 4.25" diameter x 3.5" long. Shaft size is 5/16" x 2" long. Wiring: white-common, black-high, red-low.

Replaces the following Duotherm part numbers: 105784, 105797, 115640, 115653, H1678, H-1678, H4139,  H-4139, H4399 & H-4399.

Also replaces these motors: 26-058, 26-064, 26-117, 26-121, 26-141, 26-171, 5583, 80667, A06318A, A06329A, A06420, A06643A, CA2D009, CA2D003, CA3E034, CA3E063, CA3E064, CA3G018, CA3G019, CA3G0, CA3G071, CA3G072, CA3G077, CA3G080, CA3G085, L10CW56, SPEC U-305, U51A5AC2-A1489, U51A5ACC-A1894, U51A5ACF-7449 & U8A56-A1675.