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Valterra T1003-7VP old-style waste valve seal kit 3

Part Number: 1215-1007
Price: $7.99
Status: Available

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Waste seals for Valterra old-style drain valves.  Includes a front and back seal, and new bolts.  For newer Bladex Valterra valves, use seal kit # T1003-9VP.  The biggest difference between the two seals is that the outside face is wider on the newer Bladex seal.  The outside face of the Bladex seal measures about 1/4" wide and the outside face of the old-style seal measures about 5/32" wide.  This measurement can be taken without removing the seal from the valve. 

Bladex seals are especially designed to eliminate leaks, seal gate pinching and misalignment during movement of rotating fittings.  Seals are made of high quality Sanoprene for chemical resistance and maximum durability.