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3C Chemistry windshield de-icer for automobiles

Part Number: 0807-1184
Price: $14.95
Status: Available
Weight: 1 lb, 5 oz
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3C Chemistry car windshield de-icer.  Never scrape frost or ice again off your automobile window.  A couple squirts of de-icer and your window is cleared.  Works fast.  Helps prevent fogging when applied with cloth to inside of window. 

Use the night before to prevent frost and ice from forming overnight.

For mirrors, locks, windshields and door handles.  


Brush away loose snow and ice on windshield.  Be sure to keep can upright when spraying.  Spray liberally on the surface to be de-iced.  

To de-ice windshield, spray liberally and turn on windshield wipers for instant results. 

To de-ice other surfaces, spray liberally and rub lightly with a cloth or absorbent paper towel.

To thaw frozen locks, spray liberally directly into lock and wait 30 seconds.  Spray weekly if frozen locks are a constant issue.